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6 Reasons Why You Should Vote

Should Christians not vote?

 First, to not vote is ingratitude. It is to say what I have now is not worth preserving or improving. To not vote is to treat God’s good gift of government with at best indifference and at worst resistance.

 Second, to not vote is unloving to God (Rom. 13). It shows that you are indifferent to Him being more reflected in the government of your nation and not less. It shows no zeal for what is right over what is wrong.

 Third, to not vote is unloving toward one’s neighbor (Rom. 13). It shows that you do not care about the quality of persons, policies or values that will be imposed upon you and all whom you love in your family, church and nation.

 Fourth, to not vote is bad stewardship. A democratic republic, the form of government handed down to us by our founding fathers—a gov’t of the people, by the people and for the people—is not a right, it’s a privilege, that was achieved at the price of great suffering and courageous sacrifice. Like all privileges, it must be protected if it is going to be preserved.

 Fifth, to not vote sets a bad example for the younger generations, your children and your grandchildren (1 Tim. 4:12b). What if everyone took your position and did not vote?

 Sixth, to not vote ignores the Christian’s calling (Matt. 5:13). It is the believer’s calling to be a preserving influence upon society. It is one of the major ways that God restrains evil in a nation. Such an opportunity lies before believers who live in this country where there’s the freedom to elect leaders.

In short, to not vote is ingratitude, a failure in loving God and neighbor. Further, not voting is bad stewardship, it’s a bad example, and it neglects one’s calling.

To have the opportunity for influence and to choose to not use it is to make one’s citizenship useless, no better than a corpse.

 Citizenship in heaven is no excuse for bad citizenship on earth (Phil 3:20). Now. Get out there and vote while there is still time!