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When is it Okay to Disobey Human Authority?

Hierarchy of Authority Syllogism (logic):  

Premise 1: God alone has absolute authority.

Premise 2: God has delegated authority to five human institutions (the church, the government, “the boss”, the marriage, the family, 1 Peter 2:9-3:7, Eph 6:1)

Conclusion: Therefore, all human institutions have limited authority under God and are accountable to God for how they use or misuse their authority.

3 Principles for navigating the choppy waters of submitting to human authorities

  • Hierarchy of Authority Principle: there is the greater authority and there are lesser authorities
  • The Overruling Principle: As a Christian, whenever human authority commands you to disobey what God commands or commands you to obey what God forbids, you must obey God rather than man because God (not man) is your greater authority.
  • The Crossover Principle: No human institution is completely autonomous, or can function solely on its own, independent of God or the other human institutions.


Part One of this sermon topic was given on November 15, 2020. Part Two was, December 13, both can be wached on our YouTube channel.