Services are at 8:45 and 10:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Our service will be posted for viewing on our VEFC YouTube channel.

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Loving God, One Another, & the World

Sunday Service

10:30 am

Sunday School Classes

9 am - 10 am

Church Address

1317 W. Main Street

Visalia, CA 93291

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What if Christmas never came?

Posted Dec 1, 2020

Have you ever wondered what if some turn of events had happened differently in history, how it might have affected things in the present? We may muse over the “what if” possibilities, yet for some reason it happened just as ... Keep Reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Vote

Posted Nov 3, 2020

Should Christians not vote?  First, to not vote is ingratitude. It is to say what I have now is not worth preserving or improving. To not vote is to treat God’s good gift of government with at best indifference and at worst ... Keep Reading

How to view our live streams Sunday evenings

Posted Jul 26, 2020

While outdoors we will be live streaming earlier than usual. If you are trying to view the livestream after our recording has ended, but before it is embedded into the Sermons section of our website (typically between 11:45am on Sunday ... Keep Reading

Latest Sermon

The Relationship Between the Christian and the Government pt3

Nov 1, 2020

by Pastor William Costello